Everything is Marketing, Marketing is Everything. Let’s embark on a journey to learn Marketing the easy way and get insights about various parts of Digital Marketing. To make things easier, I have divided sections into scenes. Enjoy the show 🙂

Scene 1: Classroom

Being a backbencher, I was sitting in the last row with my friend Pulkit. The teacher was teaching about marketing and we were playing pen fight, totally unaware of what was going on in the class. so, yeah, as we were on the last bench and everyone was studying, but in the end, the teacher announced a surprise test next week on Tuesday. It was already Wednesday and we were left with only five days. We both had certain questions in our mind that how will we start from scratch and what will be our action plan. At that time, we stopped our pen fight and started writing a few questions which might come into the exam and those questions were as follows:

What are the basic fundamentals of marketing?

How Integrated digital marketing is covering the entire globe?

Difference between digital and traditional marketing?

Why Personal branding is important along with marketing?

Understanding a few topics like MASSTRUST, CATT Funnel?

There were more questions in our mind, but at that time we only remembered these much and decided to meet in the college canteen to discuss how to execute and understand all the concepts in the remaining days.

Scene 2: Canteen

As you all know, that day we were not happy sitting in the canteen like the rest of the days. We were in some kind of pressure which created more tension in our minds. we ordered a maggie and two cups of coffee, till the time food was being prepared, we started our planning. So, the planning started with how will we distribute the topics and then share the knowledge. We came up with an idea to do make notes of what we would research and if required, we will share those notes with other students this week.

At that moment we forgot about the class test and started thinking about the idea of making handmade notes of important topics and sharing it with other people who require it.

You can see, two guys, who were just sitting in the canteen and eating maggie, were about to execute such a big thing in the market.

Marketing of handmade notes, that was the idea created in just a minute without even having any experience in the field of marketing, and they never thought it would grow so big.

So, Marketing in easier words is the process of getting potential clients or customers interested in your products and services. Okay, let’s not go into the bookish side of it. Coming back to the story, how they studied for the class test, let’s start from there. I diverted you guys to make you realize that understanding a few topics can have a great impact on our visions.

Scene 3: Friend’s house:

So, the next day I decided to go to Pulkit’s house, as we had already researched on one topic each. It gets easier when we share knowledge, that was our master plan . the first topic we started on was:

Basic Fundamentals of Marketing :

As I already gave the definition of Marketing, there are 4 P’s involved to identify and manage the marketing strategy:


⦁ Price

⦁ Place

⦁ Promotion

To understand it, let’s take the example of the notes which were created by us for certain people who needed it.

Product comes into the picture when we thought of something which could define the market uniquely.

Price comes after we decide the product and try to find how much value it will give to the end customer.

Place is important because we have to target only those areas where there is a higher need for the product.

Promotion is required to the utmost because without promotion there would be no brand presence in the marketplace and no one will ever discover.

There are 3 more P’s added to the list which was

Physical Evidence, People, Process, as these are also important factors to consider in the marketplace.

Just like you are feeling a bit boring, we also felt the same and decided to take a break. We had a cup of bournvita, as that was the easiest option. After some time, we decided to continue with the next topic that was :

Understanding Traditional and Digital Marketing:

So, what really comes into your mind, when you think about Traditional marketing?

For us, it was simply the marketing that used to happen before the world went digital. Traditional marketing used all kinds of mediums like newspapers, televisions, telephone, fliers, etc. It was and still would be the best form of marketing, but it has some drawbacks like we can’t take feedback from our customers, conversion ratio, and ROI is a bit less and the cost of implementing the traditional marketing strategy is quite high.

So, to overcome these drawbacks, Digital marketing came into the picture and since then it is ruling the marketing world. Everyone uses mobiles and various other devices that support internet connectivity, digital marketing just needs these two things to connect to the whole world without spending on anything physical. Everything can be handled on the go.

Digital Marketing has a lot of components integrated into it and sometimes all the components, when combined together is called Integrated Digital Marketing.

Ok, guys, I think this was enough for the day, I had to return to my home, as I was already late. So, we decided to continue tomorrow from the same place where we left.

Scene 4: My house:

The other day pulkit decided to come over to my place and after having lunch, we decided to start where we finished off yesterday. The topic of the day was:

Integrated Digital Marketing:

Integrated digital marketing is the collaborated term for various components that are covered under digital marketing. Those components are:

Search Engine Marketing

⦁ Search Engine Optimization

⦁ Content Marketing

⦁ Social Media Marketing

⦁ Email Marketing

⦁ Digital Display Marketing

So, to understand all these concepts, let’s convert the notes which we created, into digital E-books, which are available online. To market those, we need to have a website with a payment gateway, where all items must be stored. Search engine marketing will help our website to reach those customers who need to buy the product, and Search engine optimization will help in increasing the rank of our website in a search engine to make it visible in the early pages. We need to have another source of marketing too such as Facebook, Instagram to promote our product which covers the social media marketing part. Email marketing comes into the act when we have to create subscribers list and to create leads using a call to action emails. The notes, if designed properly and showcased to the end-user cover the content marketing part and finally the digital display marketing is used for displaying product ads on e-banners and e-newspaper which are read by the maximum population.

Till now, we were feeling pretty confident that we have acquired quite much knowledge and that we would pass in the class test.

That feeling actually made up our mind to skip half-day of studies and go for a movie and chill with friends. We booked a show of Avengers: Endgame for the evening time and also called our few friends who wanted to join.

No one likes to study continuously If you are still with me. take a break and relax. You have acquired knowledge that can make you stand different in the crowd. But stay right there, there is more to go.

Scene 5: Library

At home we were studying so casually, still understood everything. But the climate of the library was different, we had to behave like studious guys who have come to study. So, quickly I went into the Marketing books section and started searching for the remaining topics in the books. After a lot of research, I was able to find one. It had those remaining few topics :

CATT Funnel

⦁ Niche Selection

⦁ Personal Branding


⦁ Communication Skills

After choosing a hideous seat, where we could relax and study, we started with these topics:

CATT Funnel & Niche Selection:

CATT refers to Content, Attention, Trust, Transaction.

Niche is a particular area where we can hone up our skills and master it to reach the level where we can solve the issues of the customers.

CATT and Niche are related in a way that

Wealth = n ^ CATT ( where n is the niche )

Let us understand CATT for now because you have a brief picture of the niche in your mind.

CATT is mainly referring to the product, how we create the content on it, how to create attention among people, how to make them believe in you, and finally be your permanent customer and make transactions in exchange for a quality product.

On the other side, the niche is too important because on top of it lies your whole product. You need to have talent, passion and the product should also find a good place in the market.

Feels so tired, right. Let’s drink some water, it has been a long road for most of us.

Okay, So, the last topic of the day was :

Personal Branding( MASSTRUST):

Take an example of a brand, whose CEO is a famous personality and has a great fan following. And consider another example of a brand, whose CEO is less famous.

In this case, a Brand with a much popular CEO will gain more popularity than the latter one, because of Personal branding matters from a broader perspective. To have a personal branding of our own, we need to learn a new skill, work on it, write blogs about it, provide consultation to the public, do digital mentoring about the skill, and try to launch a startup for it… And the process goes on and on in a cyclic manner. This is also called the MASSTRUST blueprint, as by doing these steps we able to gain the trust of a bigger mass of customers.

To brief it all, Marketing is a very powerful thing in today’s world and it gets more of its superpowers by adding the word digital to it. There is much to learn in Digital Marketing than just discussed, as it is a very vast topic to explore. I hope You guys enjoyed reading the article. Stay tuned for more 🙂

Oh, I forgot to tell how the story ended. As it was still Saturday, we decided to relax on Sunday and do a quick revision on Monday after the classes are over and make notes on what we understood. To our surprise, our score was among the top 10 students in the class, and the teacher was surprised too, but our seats never changed because backbenchers always remain backbenchers 🙂

Hoping that you also understood the concepts in an easy way. This blog is a part of digital deepak internship program 🙂

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